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Choosing the right radiators for your home

I often get asked by customers why it is that even though they have a good boiler installed they’re home is still cold.  And in most cases, the answer is that their heating system is simply undersized.

Size … it really does matter

When it comes to investing in a new heating system there’s no denying that the costs can often seem quite prohibitive.  Sometimes this results in people investing in a swanky new, high efficiency boiler simply to leave the old radiators in place. And whilst upgrading an entire heating system isn’t always a necessity, there are times when older radiators, which are simply too small for a room, won’t offer the level of heat output required.

So it’s always good to consider whether the radiators you have installed are big enough for the size of room you are trying to heat.

Quantity … less isn’t always best

When I talk about undersized heating systems, I’m not just referring to the dimensions of each individual radiator; I’m also talking about the number of radiators.
I often come across large rooms which are only serviced by one radiator and it just isn’t enough. This is particularly true if the size of that radiator is too small or is placed under a window that isn’t double-glazed.

You might be interested to know that as qualified heating engineers we use specific calculations to determine the size and number of radiators needed for each room to achieve optimum heat output. This enables us to offer the best advice and heating solution for your home.

Other considerations …

The type of radiator you choose to have fitted can also play a major role in how sufficiently your home is heated. Installing double rather than single panel radiators in larger rooms can dramatically improve the warmth achieved. And indeed double panel double convector radiators will offer even greater heat output.

Placement  is another key factor in making your rooms warmer. For example placing radiators under windows can lead to heat loss, either through an inefficient window which isn’t double-glazed, or simply by blocking the heat behind long curtains. Consideration should be given to whether a radiator should be moved, or alternatively if a second radiator could be installed on another wall.

Switching to thermostatic radiator valves can also offer a more efficient way of managing your heating output more directly, on a radiator-by-radiator basis. This can be particularly useful when you have rooms that are perhaps not used as much – why spend money on heating rooms that you’re not using regularly?

Swish designer radiators or towel rails might look glamorous but they aren’t always the best choice for a cold, large room so make sure the heat output will cover the size of room you're trying to heat.

The condition of your radiators is one final consideration when assessing whether or not you’re getting the most from your heating system. When radiators become old or clogged up with debris, they become inefficient. Flushing the system and adding inhibitor solutions is one way to help radiators to do their job properly.  

But another good way of helping keep corrosive deposits at bay is to fit a magnetic filter, which offers an excellent way of helping to maintain a healthier and more efficient heating system with nice warm radiators.

Read my blog ‘Maintaining boiler efficiency and avoiding costly breakdowns’ for more information on what Magnetic Filters are and how they can help your heating system.

If you’re finding that your home isn’t as warm as you’d expect, take a look around and see if any of these things could be playing a factor.

What our customers say ...

  • "Dave Gilling has undertaken a number of jobs for us, ranging from installing new radiators to completely re-fitting our bathroom. Dave is a true professional, offering experienced advice and carrying out agreed work to a very high quality, on time and to budget.
    "In summary, an excellent plumber that we would have no hesitation in using again or recommending to family and friends."

    Paul, Matlock

  • "He's an honest, hardworking and knowledgeable plumber. And of course most importantly he’s clean and tidy!
    "David never makes a mess in the house and can be relied upon to tidy up after himself – it’s the little things that count."

    Tamara, Hathersage

  • "I’ve had two jobs done by Fired Up Heating Services now: plumbing in a new kitchen and fixing our boiler.
    "I can definitely recommend David as the friendliest and most efficient plumber I have ever come across! Superb work and very reasonably priced. Cheers David!"

    Phil, Sheffield

  • "Need a proficient, honest and knowledgeable plumber? If so then I’d strongly recommend David from Fired Up. David is genuinely interested in his craft, takes time to think through complex problems, reads up on basic principles and really goes out of his way to provide solutions and services that meet the individual customer need.
    "Highly recommended and honest to the core."

    David, Bradwell

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